Downtown Mafia 1930s


Based on an American storyline and gameplay, Downtown 1930s Mafia is all about gangs fighting for their territories. The MMO shooting game revolves around black markets, bank robberies, smuggling, illegal trades, and raids. Downtown 1930s Mafia is based in the fictional town of Empire City.

Unlike other shooting games online, Downtown 1930s Mafia provides the most realistic feel of a rampage. Players can select characters who are immigrants and new to the States. Users get to fight the other gangs to protect their streets and neighborhood. 

You can drive around in different cars to raid places with your gang. Become the most dominant Mafia Lord in the Mafiosi world! Now you can also play with your friends in a multiplayer mode and raid streets as well as shops together.

Downtown 1930s Mafia is a third-person shooter game which is regularly improved and updated based on real community reviews and feedback. 

Main Features

  • Structured Openworld gameplay

  • Customizable Guns

  • Driving

  • Drive-by shooting

  • Multiple characters

  • Interactive interface


Downtown 1930s Mafia is developed and created by Starry.

Release Date

Downtown 1930s Mafia is a very popular online shooting game that was created and officially released in June 2019.


Just like other shooting games online, Downtown 1930s Mafia can be played on both Android and iOS smartphones. It can also be played in a browser by signing into your account on FlashGames (using WebGL). 


How To Play Downtown 1930s Mafia?

Downtown 1930s Mafia 2 provides players with the ultimate opportunity to bring down crime mafia rivals and enjoy one-on-one combats. Users are required to select a character and lead a gang to protect their territory. 

You can choose your favorite guns from a massive range of firearms for thrilling gun battles. The more you kill, the more you can unlock fascinating cars and weapons.

How To Get Better At Downtown 1930s Mafia?

To increase the kill rate and wins, one needs to stay focused on their specific journey. Make sure you align your tasks with your overall game strategy. 

It is best to practice in single-player mode and take up the single-player street missions. This way, you can develop a set of skills over time and implement them according to your game objectives.

Also, it is advised to aim for lower body parts rather than directly aiming for headshots. 

How To Download Downtown 1930s Mafia For PC?

You can download Downtown 1930s Mafia unblocked on your PC from different websites that are tested safe and secure. It can be downloaded on Windows 10 with a 64-bit configuration. 

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  • WASD walk/drive

  • H open the help panel to access controls

  • F enter/exit car

  • R repair car

  • U car-upside reset

  • E crouch

  • G greetings - to wave friendly

  • RETURN/ENTER focus chat

  • Type coffee to get a coffee