Kitten Cannon


An infuriating cat named Fluffy has found his way into your cannon again. That darn cat never listens and does not care! So the only way you can teach him a lesson is by firing that cannon into a field of explosives, metal spikes, and other tremendous obstacles!

Kitten Cannon is a fun game where you have a cat as a cannonball inside a cannon. You have to aim the cannon and once you have the right angle, fire and see if you can shoot the kitty as far as possible. Apart from the fun gameplay, there are many obstacles that you have to dodge like metal spikes, the Venus flytrap, and your kitten running out of bounce.

It is a classic flash game with a solid physics engine that lets you predict how fast and how accurately you can launch Fluffy. Fluffy is a wicked cat so do not worry about him, it is his own fault for being in the wrong place. And now it's your chance to teach him a lesson in this thrilling action-puzzler!


Players operate a cannon to shoot the kitten inside it while altering the angle of the cannon's barrel using the Up and Down arrow keys. However, the optimal angle is always 45 degrees for maximum distance. Moreover, a player can determine the cannon's power by a red bar that rapidly increases and decreases. Therefore, accurate timing is necessary. 

Once the player shoots the kitten using the spacebar, he has no control over the game. The kitten will fly ahead, occasionally hopping on the ground. TNT, bombs, and trampolines will send the kitten flying skyward, while metal spikes and Venus flytraps will kill it. Though, there are not any high score leaderboards, the game shows the players their high scores and tells how far they shot the kitten. 


  • To aim or position the cannon's barrel, use the Up and Down arrow keys.

  • Press spacebar to fire.


Kitten Cannon is created by Dan Fleming.

Release Date:

Kitten Cannon was officially released in March 2005 (Flash). And now this game uses HTML5 technology.


Kitten Cannon is a cross-platform game that you can play on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.


How to play Kitten Cannon?

  • When the game loads up to the title screen, simply click on the Start icon to start it. 

  • There is a red bar at the bottom from left to right; this is the power of your shot. If the red bar is to the right, the power will be 100%. And if the red bar is to the left, the power will be 0%.

  • Press the Up and Down keys on your keyboard to change the angle of your shot.

  • Lastly, press the spacebar on your keyboard to fire the cannon and see how far the kitten goes.

What are the things to hit and avoid with the kitten in Kitten Cannon?

Things to hit

  • Balloon Bomb - these floating bombs will make the kitten fly.

  • Explosives - this TNT will make your kitten fly really far.

  • Trampoline - this will make your kitten bounce up and maybe hit a Balloon Bomb.

Things to avoid

  • Metal Spikes - it will be game over if kitten hits these.

  • Venus Fly Trap - this will eat kitty for lunch, so make sure that the kitten does not land on one.

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Those guys at burstfilms have done it again this game is super fun. Author: burstfilms.