Paper Minecraft


Made by a fan, Paper Minecraft is a trendy game like Shell Shockers (, which is fully packed with action and fun. It was developed by a developer who was inspired by the original prototype, the Minecraft game. 

This videogame is actually a browser game which was developed using Scratch, an online game development tool. 

Paper Minecraft has steadily risen to popularity among the masses, and its updates are regularly provided to offer users a smooth experience. The game is very much like Minecraft games and the Allien Attack team that provide players with a lot of possibilities. 

The game requires users to build and excavate in the crafty gameplay. You can build structures of your choice and explore your creative skills. 

Main Features

  • 2D pixelated graphics

  • Two different skins

  • Wide-ranging custom maps from other players

  • Multiple resources and tools


Paper Minecraft is originally a web browser game that can be played on both tablets and smartphones. It was made using a free online game development tool known as Scratch. The game is developed by a fan of the famous Mojang-created Minecraft game.

Release Date

Paper Minecraft is a 2D online game that was officially released in May 2013. It has been regularly and continuously updated since its origination.


  • AD or left and right arrow to move

  • W or up arrow to jump

  • Left-click to dig or place a block

  • E to open inventory or chest

  • F to eat and hold an item

  • Space bar to separate an item from the stack in the crafting menu


Like most free online shooting games, Paper Minecraft is available for iOS and Android smartphones, and a PC. You can play the game online by logging into your account on in a browser and use it with WebGL for an overall improved experience. 


How to Play Paper Minecraft?

People of all ages can play Paper Minecraft and enjoy spending time building and crafting things. The online game is all about using and employing one's skills and creative expertise. 

Players can build their orchards by planting trees and placing animals to create livestock on farms. Pigs and sheep help improve your chances of survival in the game.

Al the game maps are highly customisable and inventory can be modified as per the needs as well. Users can also design and customise their characters.

Your piece of land can also feature mineral ores like coal ores or iron ores. All you need to do is just craft things and furniture and set up a successful estate of your own. 

Is Paper Minecraft Available to Play on Mobile?

You can use your finger to control the game on a mobile phone or tablet to play Paper Minecraft. Players can also use a keyboard or a mouse if they play it on the desktop. 

Originally Paper Minecraft is a browser game and doesn't require installation. You can instantly play the game on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop PC.

How to Download Paper Minecraft for PC?

Paper Minecraft can be played on PC while using it in a browser or downloading it as freeware from third party websites. It can be played seamlessly on Mac OS and Windows 7 or higher.

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[1 to 9] - Select Item
[Click] - Place or Mine
[WASD] - Move / Jump
[E] - Open/Close Inventory
[E+hover] - Open / Close Chest, Crafting Table, Door
[Space] - Drop single tile from a stack while dragging.
[F] - Eat food
[N] - Label a sign or chest
[Q] - Drop items
[P] - Pause / Unpause
[T] - Talk / Command
[O] - Save your game
[M] - Music / Sounds
[Shift] - Sprint