Combat Reloaded


Combat Reloaded is an intense first-person shooter game that involves realistic battlefields and high-power weapons. Similar to other free shooting games like Counterstrike and Super Sniper 2, the game has intense and thrilling gameplay. 

In the first beginning levels, a player is equipped with basic combat weapons including a knife and pistol. Combat Reloaded 2 is all about killing as many enemies as possible. The more you kill, the better!

This video game comes in a multiplayer mode to help users fight alongside their friends. You can build different teams in Combat Reloaded to increase your number of kills. 

The more you kill, the more you can buy more advanced weaponry. So it's essential to get the first kill swiftly. Every kill helps you earn dollars which can be later used to purchase other arms. You can improve your battle gear by taking down as many enemies as you can. 

Combat Reloaded comes with a wide variety of cool and intriguing maps. Different types of buildings and terrains are incorporated into the game's architecture. One of the most liked and preferred maps is a small camp nestled in a valley surrounded by looming mountains. 

Shooters can climb on these mountains since they are accessible. They can be used as an excellent sniper vantage point for snipers looking to bring down enemies from afar. 

Main Features

  • Interactive gameplay

  • Customisable firearms

  • Cool maps and buildings

  • Wide range of weapons

  • Mountain accessibility 


Combat Reloaded is developed and created by Nad Games.

Release Date

Combat Reloaded is a popular multiplayer shooting game that was created and officially released in 2017.


Unlike other free shooting games online, Combat Reloaded can only be played in a browser. You can sign up and log into your account on and play games of your choice using WebGL. 


How To Play Combat Reloaded?

Combat Reloaded can be simply played with a mouse to aim and shoot. The WASD keys help manoeuvre through the battleground. The space bar will help you jump over the terrains or other structures and buildings. Also, numeric keys help change the weapons. 

Combat Reloaded 2 and Combat Reloaded 5 comprise fast-paced and intense gameplay, and that's why players have to move quickly with quick reflexes. You need to be on your guard all the time since you cannot afford to stay still. 

Avoid knife attacks at all costs and maintain a safe distance. It is best to utilise covers by moving stealthily through the buildings. 

Who Created Combat Reloaded?

Combat Reloaded is an online multiplayer shooting game that is developed and released by NadGames based in Mexico. 

What Is The Purpose Of The Combat Reloaded Plan?

Combat Reloaded is available in a multiplayer mode so that you can fight alongside your friends. You can create teams in Combat Reloaded to increase your number of kills. 

You will be able to access advanced weaponry if you kill more. So it's highly crucial to get your first kill as soon as you are plunged into the maps! When you take down an enemy, you get rewarded with dollars which can be used for in-app purchases for weapons and combat gear. 

You can buy a range of assault rifles, shotguns, long-range sniper rifles, grenades, and an assortment of knives. 

How To Download Combat Reloaded For PC?

You can download Combat Reloaded unblocked on your PC from various sites that are tested safe and secure. It can be downloaded on Windows 10 with a 64-bit configuration. 

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  • WASD or arrow keys to move

  • LMB to shoot

  • RMB to aim

  • Space bar to jump

  • Shift to run

  • Number keys to switch weapons

  • Tab to show menu