Moto X3M Pool Party


Moto X3M is an action game which dives you in a crazy and wild motorbike racing game, having a summer theme. It is the fifth part in the Moto X3M series, having 22 challenging levels to be completed. In this game, fun is doubled with a combination of motorbike race and pool party. 

As the theme is a pool party, you will encounter sunshine, water slides, umbrellas hence you can have a full feel of a pool party. The whole beach setup is incredible, having a beautiful view and huge swimming pools. These swimming pools are turned into epic racing tracks full of obstacles such as sharp spikes, loops, ramps and tubes which make the game more challenging for the bikers.

Now you must have an idea that it's not a typical pool party you've ever attended. Grab your helmet and wear the biker's suit to face the challenges in each level and perform different stunts. You'll encounter many obstacles on dangerous and exciting racing tracks. While on your track, you do hear the audience cheering sounds. New surprises will also come with the time, i.e. explosives, long fall, and many other troubles are awaiting on your way to the finish line.

Can you reach the finish line while collecting the upgrades along the way? Show your stunt skills here and become a top motorbike racer. Get ready to discover your talent!

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Main Features:

  • Three biker options are available.
  • Threatening obstacles on the way.
  • Full-screen play mode.
  • Pretty beach background theme.
  • 22 action-packed levels.


Web browser (mobile and desktop).


Moto X3M Pool Party is developed by Madpuffers.

Release Date:

Moto X3M Pool Party was released in March 2019.


How To Download Moto X3M Pool Party For PC?

You can find many links on the internet to download X3M Pool Party for PC. Just choose any of the top-listed sites and open it. Click the download button. Soon the game will be downloaded on your PC.

How To Play Moto X3M Pool Party?

Press the spacebar to start the game. Use the up arrow key to speed up the bike and when required to apply breaks, use the down arrow key. To position straight, you can use the left and right arrow keys.

How To Be Good At Moto X3M Pool Party?

You need to be very careful as there are many fatal traps on the beach path. While climbing the steepest part, always maintain momentum. Moreover, performing stunts in the air will help you get an extra point. Avoid crashing in any of the obstacles and make sure that you've enough speed so that you can clear the jumps and not fall in the water.

What Is The Purpose Of The Moto X3M Pool Party Plan?

The purpose of the game is to ride the bike on a challenging racing path and complete the race track without dying to reach the next level. Also, try to reach the finish line in the least possible time.


Up arrow key or W - to accelerate. 

Down arrow key or S - to apply brakes.

Left/right arrow key or A/D - to flip the bike