Raft Wars

Raft Wars


If you are looking for shooting games that involve a fun and thrilling storyline, then Raft Wars is a perfect choice! The online shooting game revolves around Simon and his brother who have found troves of treasure and now are under attack by greedy pirates who want to steal it. 

The video game requires users to get a raft of their own and fight evil enemies in thrilling combat. Due to the massive popularity of the game, the creators released several sequels like Raft Wars 2, Raft Wars 3, and Raft Wars 4.

Raft Wars has gameplay which is very familiar to games such as Angry Birds'. It requires players to aim and shoot by estimating the arc and power of their weapons through the mouse. The game plan is highly addictive for teens and people of almost any age group. 

The initial beginner levels only involve a raft and some tennis balls which can be later upgraded to other sophisticated weapons to kill pirates and Vikings. The more you kill, the more you can unlock weapons, bonuses, and other benefits.


Main Features

  • An impressive collection of myriad ammunitions

  • Fun and amusing dialogues

  • Appealing animations


Raft Wars was developed by Martijn Kunst in 2007. He also recently created and launched a multiplayer version of the game. 

Release Date

The original flash version of Raft Wars was released in 2007 and since then has successfully garnered 1 billion players all across the world!


Just like Battle Of Britain, Humaliens Battle, and Yo Ho Ho Cannon, Raft Wars can be played both on Android and iOS smartphones. 

The flashgame can also be played in a browser through the FlashGames website (using WebGL). Raft Wars unblocked can be played anywhere and on any device of your choice!

The updated version of Raft Wars has been built in HTML5 so that you enjoy playing the shooter game on your desktop or mobile device.


How to Play Raft Wars?

Players are required to target and knock off their enemies off the rafts and force them to drown in the water. You can unlock rockets, grenades, bullets, and other raft upgrades by killing off as many pirates as you can!

In the first beginner level, you'll have to launch an attack through a tennis ball launcher to knock the enemies off the perch. You can use the mouse to set the arc and blast power with the mouse and hit the button to release fire. 

The raft upgrades are ideal in multiplayer modes where you can build a team of friends on different rafts to help defend the island and treasure. Your friends can help you out during a raft war through these raft upgrades. 

Can I Play Raft Wars in Multiplayer?

Yes, now you can easily enjoy defeating evil pirates with your friends in multiplayer mode! Raft Wars has been updated to a new multiplayer version for both the desktop and mobile use. 

Who Created Raft Wars?

Martijn Kunst created and developed Raft Wars in the summer of 2007. Based in the Netherlands, Martijn has successfully launched a multiplayer version of the game as well. 

Due to the high popular demand, he also recently developed Raft Wars' sequels like Raft Wars 2, Raft Wars 3, and Raft Wars 4. 

How To Download Raft Wars For PC?

Yes, you can download Raft Wars on your PC as freeware from several credible and authentic sites. The full PC Raft Wars 2  can be downloaded from different websites that are tested safe and secure. It can be downloaded on computers equipped with Windows 10 (or higher) with a 64-bit configuration.

Can I play games other than Raft Wars on FlashGames247? 

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  • Users can aim and shoot with the mouse.

  • Position angle and set power with the mouse and hit the button to shoot.