Wheely 8


Help Wheely get back to his beloved Jolie. The two were having great fun until a UFO landed near the picnic spot. Wheely wants to help the extraterrestrial aliens who have crashed on Earth and need to fly back to space. 

As a player in Wheely 8 unblocked, you're required to beat your way through different challenges to help repair a spaceship. Wheely trusts his alien friends and wants to help them repair their spacecraft. Wheely wants to show the aliens that the World is a friendly and welcoming place. Quite similar to Wheely 4 Time Travel, Wheely 7, Skate Hooligans, and Penalty Challenge, Wheely 8 involves exciting game maps that need to be explored. 

Wheely has garnered quite a repute and is pretty much famous in town for his repairing skills. Now even the aliens want him to help them out in this sticky spot. Accompany the famous red car through villages and forests to pick up the right tools and resources to repair the spaceship of the aliens. Help Wheely lead the aliens to the local repair shop!

Main Features

  • Wide range od episodes in the Wheely series

  • Gameplay about UFO and aliens

  • Quest for 2 hidden objects in each map


Wheely 8 online is a web browser game that can be enjoyed by people of any age. Wheely 8 unblocked was developed by Pegas Games.

Release Date

The thrilling, fast-paced and exciting game was released in September 2016 and has been updated to an HTML5 version in May 2018. 


The game can be played with a mouse. You can use the mouse buttons to interact in the game to make your way to each level. 


Wheely 8 is a web browser game that can be played on a PC and on smartphones. The online game can be downloaded as an app in iOS and Android mobile phones.


When Was Wheely 8 Released?

Wheely 8 is a fast-paced and exciting game which was released in September 2016 and has been updated to an HTML5 version in May 2018. 

How To Play Wheely 8?

As a player, you need to help Wheely collect the appropriate tools to reppiar the spacecraft that has crashed near his picnic spot. You need to lead him to the local repair shop by beating your way through different obstacles. 

You can help him by solving puzzles as it is a puzzle-solving game. The obstacles will be removed if you successfully clear away the puzzle by solving it. The end line is symbolised with a red flag and you have to make it till the end without being dead or injured. 

Users can also earn extra points or rewards by finding hidden items like a toy car or any other item. The gameplay and the controls of Wheely 8 are very simple and straightforward. 

Is Wheely 8 Available On Mobile Phones?

Yes, it is. The online game can be downloaded as an app in iOS and Android mobile phones.

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Point and click on objects to guide Wheely safely through the level.